While 2D drawings are critical to the construction and costing phases of a project, sometimes they can be confusing to the homeowner. I provide you with a solution to that problem - accurate and affordable 3D B&W drawings. I also create floor plans and elevations for your project if you need them.



I take your ideas, whether they're a hand-drawn sketch or a CAD floor plan, and I create a 3D model in SketchUp Pro. From there, I create the 3D drawings, and the scaled and dimensioned floor plans and elevations.

I produce the 3D drawings with your logo and title block, formatted as a PDF for you to print or send to your client as a digital file. I work on all sheet sizes, the most common being letter, tabloid, Arch C and Arch D.

I'll work closely with you, and I'm just a phone call away. You can also "look over my shoulder" at any time via an online virtual meeting that takes me two minutes to set up.

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I charge by the project and I will provide you with a quote. A typical 3D drawing kitchen project costs $600. A floor plan and elevations if needed would be about the same cost.