I’ve been in the woodworking/design profession since I was a youngster. My first job out of college was as an apprentice for a small custom furniture shop in West Hollywood; now they are a major force in the industry (chaddockhome.com).

I spent seven years there learning the craft of furniture making. I worked under two journeyman furniture makers, one from Denmark and the other from France. I was eager to learn, so my mentors willingness to teach was a remarkable gift. Eventually I was considered a journeyman myself. It was a dream come true for me.

Eventually I opened my own shop, and enjoyed that for another 12 years. By a stroke of fate, I had an opportunity to move into kitchen and bath design. As a kitchen and bath designer, I worked for a number of showrooms and earned my CKD. 

A tradesman has a connection to the tools of his trade, and so it was for my new tool of trade, CAD design software. And that brings me to where I am today - back to the tools, working with other designers to bring their designs to life.

I have projects all over the country. My home base is Idaho Falls, Idaho, 4,700 feet up in the Rocky Mountains, not too far from Yellowstone National Park.


I live on a nine acre ranch. It has hundreds of 100 ft. tall Cottonwood trees, and a stream running alongside it. We have some chickens, a couple of miniature horses, and a miniature donkey named Phil. They're not that miniature though, about 500 lbs. Phil is 18 years old. He doesn't move too fast - except when I call to him for an apple cookie treat. Then he gallops. Even donkeys have their comfort foods.


The South Fork of the

Snake River, Idaho


Phil, our Miniature Donkey