Why Hire A Kitchen Designer?

Kitchen Design is Complicated and it's Specialized.

"The whole is greater than the sum of the parts." That's kitchen design- parts that work together to make the whole  brilliant.

 Here's a simple example of the hundreds of things that make a kitchen function properly.

 Provide at least 15" of landing area on the handle side of the refrigerator. We need a space to put things that are going in and out of the refrigerator. This is a small thing, but would be a big thing if it was ignored and it happens.

A kitchen design on paper is deceptive- no one is walking with a hot dish of food in their hands. Appliances, drawers and doors aren't flying open, nothing needs to be cleaned up or put away and nothing is cooking on the set of design plans.  The purpose of the drawing is to produce a plan for a space in motion.

I Know Kitchen Design Products.

Like most industries, there is an constant stream of new products being brought to market. As a professional kitchen designer I stay current on what's new, what has changed and through experience, I know what really works in kitchens that people use.

I'm Current on Design Trends.

Not only are there new products coming onto the market, there are new styles as well. New ideas are emerging from Europe. Color trends change. The way we use the kitchen is evolving. I'm absorbing these new ideas, adding them to my current design vocabulary of what's good design in contrast to what the latest fad is.

I Make the Experience a Lot Less Overwhelming for You.

There's a remarkable amount of options to choose from. It's mind boggling.A lot of design is a process of elimination.  I'll help you eliminate the options that you don't want and work with what's left and that's the good stuff.I  will build the layers- flooring, cabinets, countertops, lighting, tile, colors, textures and materials to give your kitchen the look and function you want.

 I Work for You.

I advocate for you. I solve your problems. I inspire you. I manage the details. I educate you. I help you make good decisions. I watch your budget. I meet your needs and I surpass your expectations.