Drafting and 3D Rendering
I produce 3D black and white line drawings of your designs. The process is flexible, quick, and inexpensive to make changes. Of course, you are still the creative force behind the design.
I use SketchUp Pro for both 3D perspective line drawings and 2D scaled and dimensioned plan sets, and I do all the work myself.
Examples of work I have done for other designers and some of my own work. I removed the client and designer names for their privacy.
About Me
I've been in the woodworking industry my whole life. I studied woodworking in college at Humboldt State. My first job was as an apprentice furniture maker at a shop on Melrose Place in West Hollywood.
I spent seven years there learning the craft of furniture making. I worked under two furniture makers, one from Denmark and the other from France. I was eager to learn, so my European mentors willingness to teach was a remarkable gift. Eventually I was considered a journeyman myself. It was a dream come true for me. 
I continued my career as a furniture maker for another 12 years until through a stroke of fate, I was in the kitchen cabinet business. As I grew in this new side of the woodworking world for me, I eventually shifted to the design side of cabinetmaking and found a new passion, kitchen design. As a kitchen and bath designer, I worked for a number of kitchen and bath showrooms and earned my CKD. Lucky for me, I spent 3 years as a designer at a large showroom in Aspen. What a beautiful place!
A tradesman has a connection to the tools of his trade, and so it was for my new tool of trade, CAD design software.
And that brings me to where I am today - back to the tools, working with other designers to bring their designs to life.
Areas Served
I have projects from San Diego to Los Angeles. My home base is San Clemente.